The Sump Pump Installation: Why Do You Need It?

Sump Pump Installation ScarboroughThe sump pumps are performing an important job; they are keeping the basement or the crawlspace dry. Usually it is a pump installed in the lowest area of your basement. Some house owners are even making special pits for them. It does not take much moisture to cause thousands of dollars’ damage to your house. It is not only damaging the basement of the house. Moisture can cause mould and mildew growth that affects you and your family health.

The sump pump installation in Scarborough is being extremely popular due it effectiveness. Once you install the pump you save yourself from lots of headache. It is the healthiest and safest option for the house up to date. Remember that different waterproofing pastes are extremely toxic and give harmful evaporations that are poisonous for humans. There is no other technology like a sump pump.

If You Think You Do Not Need a Sump Pump

Perhaps you are trying to save money thinking that the installation is too costly and just not worth it? You know there are serious reasons why the sump pump installation in Scarborough is so popular. It is even subsidized by the government in some areas (rebate maximum of $3,400). Let’s go over the main reasons why people install sump pumps. Your house is very likely to fall into one of the categories.

  • Your house is one of the 60% houses in Canada that suffer from the underground wetness.
  • You live in the flood prone area as the house is located below the first upstream manhole.

Get a backwater valve together with a sump pump and see if you are eligible for the subsidy on the «BASEMENT FLOODING PROTECTION SUBSIDY PROGRAM». The AQUALUX PLUMBER company can also give you a professional advice on the paperwork. Give us a call at any time ☎ (647) 694-4722 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and carry out the installation works for you.

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