Residential, Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Services

Scarborough Plumbing ServiceEvery home has a plumbing system and after a particular period of time, the respective plumbing system starts to malfunction and create several common troubles. These troubles come without a knock on the door! Plumbing Systems are impossible to handle all by yourself because once it is damaged, it demands professional plumbing services in Scarborough.
In the world of technology, long-established methodologies regarding the plumbing services were losing its grace and optimization. AquaLux Plumber, one of the best emergency residential, industrial and commercial plumbing services in Scarborough providing companies has pioneered the modified and advanced approaches comprising the following Services:

  • Drains services – sewer cleanings, drain pipes repairs, installations, unclogging and unblocking.
  • Installations services – sump pump installations, backflow valve and backwater valve installations, catch basin installations and drain installations.
  • Repairing services – sewer lines, water lines, basement waterproofing (inside and outside) and others.

AquaLux is the leading name in plumbing industry which is well-acknowledged for premier reputation and excellence in providing Emergency Plumbing Services in Scarborough.

Need a plumbing services in Scarborough?

Aqualux has so far established into a reputed commercial plumbing services Scarborough providing company all over the country which comes with a range of perks for the customers including:

Guarantee of Service:

One need not worry regarding the requirement of re-plumbing service. Aqualux imparts Guarantee at services and therefore, one is willing to receive free plumbing service within the guarantee time period.

Guarantee at Security:

We are a group of trained, certified and experienced plumbers and thus, we understand one’s worry in the context of security when strangers are working around in the house. We promise and guarantee that there’d be no harm to once property until or unless it is related to the plumbing system repairs and replacement.

Our professionals trained for every circumstance:

AquaLux provides clients with professional plumbers containing license and are independently employed. At AquaLux each plumber is trained and ready to confront any plumbing phase.

For quality residential, industrial and commercial plumbing services Сall: (647) 694-4722

We’re responsive enough:

Our emergency calling customers will always find us at the required spot in reasonable time, our calls are never go unanswered irrespective of what time it is… we are available round-the-clock.

The budget timeline follows up:

We at Aqualux understand your necessity to stay inside the budget and therefore, we do not progress the plumbing services, Scarborough, until or unless we confirm the budget of the customer in the first place.

Long lasting business relationship:

We at Aqualux maintain a long-lasting relationship with our existing customers. Undoubtedly, our customer’s satisfaction comes as first and last to consider.

Our Quotes:

Customers can anytime opt to make a quote either online or offline. Remember! Our quotes are flexible according to customer’s budget timeline. No implementation of service or add-on into quote is taken into consideration without customer’s consent.

Our accomplishments:

We are stepping ahead as “masters in the plumbing field.” Our visions are escalating; our aspirations are riding at once in the world of achievements, yet, what has a bearing most is the ever-increasing customer’s faith in us.
To acquire plumbing repair services in Scarborough, phone up at ☎ (647) 694-4722 or you can also visit us online and request a quote.


• Drain cleaning service;
Drain pipes repair;
• Sewer line replacement;
• Drain installation;
• Sewer camera inspection service;
• Main water line repair without digging;
• Backwater valve and sump pump installation;
• Fix drain problems
• Fix clogged drain pipe
• Fix blocked sewer pipe
• Fix sewer (drain) backup

• No dig sewer line repair
• Repair broken sewer line
• Tree roots in sewer lines removal
• Replace sewer line without digging
• Sump pump installation
• Backflow valve installation
• Backwater valve installation
• Outside and inside basement waterproofing
• Emergency plumbing services
• Catch basin installation
• All plumbing and drain services