Dear homeowners! AQUALUX PLUMBER is your Aladdin’s lamp & magic wand, life-line & helper-outer – as real as it sounds to you – when it comes to either routine or emergency plumbing services.

We are proud to offer our 17-year experience for fixing any of your unpleasant home problems, such as:

  • Drain cleaning, snaking, repair services
  • Drain camera inspection
  • Sump pump & backflow valve installation
  • Waterline replacement
  • Wet foundation & basement waterproofing
  • Sewer backup, trenchless sewer repair & backwater valve rebate

We solve small to large scale problems of your household – from faucet leakage to drain/sewer/water pipe replacement, within Scarborough & GTA (Greater Toronto Area) – 365 days a year, 24/7. All you need is FREE consultation after calling us! We know how to fix the problem time-effective, with minimal costs.

Scarborough & GTA:

  1. We clean out & replace your old, harmful metal & ceramic pipes into the new & healthy ones, copper or plastic.
  2. We won’t spoil your landscape while pipe installation due to smart ‘pipe bursting’.
  3. We’ll recommend basement/foundation waterproofing – either inside or outside – with specific weeping tiles, sump pump & backwater valve, all are custom made to save you from flooding.
  4. We help to process documents needed for «BASEMENT/FOUNDATION FLOODING PROTECTION SUBSIDY PROGRAM», and thus, to call in your money spent on the sump pump/backwater valve installed.
  5. All our work comes fully guaranteed for up to 25 years.

README: We don’t deal with mastics & coatings while waterproofing, as well as chemicals,  while cleaning out of pipes! Health is the highest consideration.

Do not seek any risky plumber companies & contractors – call right now ☎ (647) 694-4722 & trust us to prove on our balance of probabilities!